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ASSS Service And Supply Ltd.,Part

Established in 2008 ,the our business covering all aspect of work in the area of oil ,gas and energy business including automotive business :

  • Asset integrity management 

Our multi-disciplined team of engineer and project manager assist clients throughout the asset/project lifecycle. 

  • Specialized Mechanical maintenance onshore & offshore service.

Fire Heater & Furnace, Column tower, Vessel, Tank & Fin fan, Cooling Tower for HPWJ cleaning, 

  • Specialized Mechanical & Catalyst onshore & offshore maintenance service.

Oliflex Reactor platformer, CCR platformer, Regent tower & Parex & Molex Chember, RFCCU & Reformer forUnload / Reload and installation internal part with repairing.

  • Bolt Tightening / Tensioning.

  • Height Pressure Water jetting.

  • Chemical cleaning


ASSS Service And Supply Ltd.,Part has provided employees with training courses related to working according to labor law and customer requirements. We have dispatched employees to external organizations and provided additional training program from our organizations. According to the annual training plan.

Public Training Course

Confined space entry

Safety in crane operation training course

Skill Testing (Work at high ,grinding & cutting etc.)

Basic Forklift


Job hazard analyze

Safety officer : Supervisor Level

Safety officer : Executive level

Safety officer training course : Committee level

ISO 9001 : 2015 Requirement

ISO 9001 : 2015 Internal Audit

In House Training Course 

Safety Training 6 Hrs.

Joint Preparation & Fit-up  

Self Inspection

User Training Tools

Work Communication & Relations

Project description before start


PTTGC#5 : CCR Reactor 2200-R1/2/3/4

ASSS Service And Supply Ltd.,Part team work with Cat-Tech for mechanical Reactor internal parts remove all Center pipe, Center pipe support to repairing and re-installation. This installation must complete and handover back to client in 17 days.

PTTGC#5 Pack : Remove and cleaning burner tips of fired heater 2200-H1/2/3/4

Our manager and leader team work with RENEWCOILS ENGINEERING & SUPPLY CO.,LTD for remove & re-installation ,cleaning and inspection burner tips of refinery fired heater.

BST : Overhaul Generator Machine

Our team work with BST for overhaul generator (Caterpillar). We have to open cylinder head ,change lube oil and all part for maintenance cycle.


ASSS Service And Supply Ltd.,Part   have signed agreement with

ARTIS Industrial and Catalyst Handling Services

 on 25/02/2020 to start make marketing for Catalyst Handing service in Thailand and Asia pacific.

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